Product announcement

We have been developing a risk management application for many months, which will soon be ready for the market.

For this reason some information in advance for all interested parties.

Basically we map all standards like:

Risk matrix made up of risk classes and damage classes.

Assess risks quantitatively, qualitatively or in combination.

Setting options for structures, categories, etc.

Dashboards for risks, opportunities and all objects.

First of all, we not only manage risks, but also opportunities, because high risks do not necessarily have to be a problem as long as there are higher opportunities.

Then we assign the opportunities and risks to the entrepreneurial strategies and analyze their dependencies.

Another important point is the analysis of the development of all parameters over time in order to see whether the overall situation has improved.


In contrast to other providers, we do not charge any fees for customizing the application.

The application is set up with standard settings and can be adapted by the customer himself.

This saves costs.


In contrast to other providers, we do not charge any fees for creating or adapting reports.

We have developed over 40 reports, which are completely available to the customer.

Another factor that saves costs.

Price model:

We will be the best value for money.

Even if the price model has not yet been worked out in detail, there will be no comparable application that is cheaper than WiRisk.

As a rule, our prices are around 50% below those of the competition with at least the same range of functions.

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