Commons - Philosophy

WISOLUTION maintains a special relationship with its customers.

We see the customer not as a means to maximize profit, but as an equal partner, which we want to satisfy with our software in the long term.

For this reason, we will never operate an anonymous call center or set up a forum where users should help themselves.

The direct and personal support of all our customers is of paramount importance to us.

WISOLUTION is free from short-term success.

A high level of liquidity and a complete renouncement of leverage guarantee us absolute independence from capital providers.

On this basis, we are able to implement our conceptual concepts, which focus solely on the benefit of our customers.

We take the time to develop a software until it is almost perfect instead of throwing it into the market when the budget is exhausted.

In our opinion, this is the only guarantee for long-term and sustainable success.

WISOLUTION is internationally oriented.

We have employees on three continents, appreciate cultural diversity and learn from each other.

In implementing our growth strategy, we are open to partnerships.

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