WiRisk - Screenshots

Some first impressions of WiRisk

Parameters: risks - probability of occurrence

The number of classes for probabilities of occurrence and effects can be freely defined.

A matrix 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 is just as possible as 3x4 or 5x3.

Risks: Administration

Risks can be defined and classified with over 20 parameters.

Their properties are described in many text fields.

Various objects (measures, controls, tasks, etc.) and areas (departments, processes, strategies, etc.) can be assigned.

Report: Risks - Strategies

Risks and opportunities are evaluated according to many areas (strategies, structures, etc.).

The evaluations are specified in terms of risk values, probabilities of occurrence or effects.

Report: Risks - Assessment

Risks are evaluated according to their quantitative or qualitative assessment.

The evaluations are specified in terms of perspective (all, gross, net or target).

A time display visualise the risk trend.

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