WiAudit - Actions

For each question of an audit, an action tracking can be initiated to initiate a re-examination.

Actions are created on the Data Entry page if the valuation requires this.

Additional data on the areas of detection, cause, removal measures and effectiveness test are recorded.

In addition, several images can be uploaded for better documentation.


Change and delete measures.

Print the action report.

Send as email for further processing or information.

Upload images.


List all measures of the audit.

Filter function according to department, priority and status.


Overview of the number of measures per department by priority and status.

Detail: Statement

Date and priority of the determination, person and auditor as well as description.

Detail: Cause and remedial actions

Description of the cause and documentation of the remedial action

Detail: Efficacy check

Description of the efficacy check

Detail: Images

You can upload unlimited images.

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