WiAudit - Preparation

The objective of this main area is to take all steps of preparing an audit.

These include, in organizational terms, the audit plan and the audit sequence, as well as the content checklist.

Schedule main

The Audit schedule main defines the basic framework of the audit.

These are total approval date and person for all departments / processes.

In each department, the release date and person, the auditor and the participating auditors are defined.

Schedule detail

The audit schedule detail then specifies,

- on which date

- at which time

- which persons

are involved in the implementation.

In addition to departments / processes, further items (topics) can be defined in the schedule (see page "Preparation/Themes").

Check list

The questionnaire list provides the complete questionnaire, which has been assigned to the audit.

On this basis, you can select which questions from the catalog are to be placed in which department / process.


A topic is an additional date within the scope of the audit, which can be defined in the timetable and in the personnel schedule.

Typical topics are introductory and closing talks.

A topic is only created with its name and is therefore available for selection in the flow chart.

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