WiAudit - Questions

The objective of this main area is the areas which are concerned with the actual positioning of the questions.

In the first step, the audit questionnaire is printed, unless the audit is carried out without paper.

The questions are then evaluated and possibly supplemented by audit evidence, determination and a measure.

Subsequently, the audit log is created as a result.

Audit questionnaire

Print the audit questionnaire with the number of lines required to record the responses.


The audit can be carried out completely paperless.

The evaluation of the questions with all additional information can be carried out in the system.

All evaluations are generated as PDF documents.

Data entry

Assessment of the questions according to the defined assessment scheme.

Input audit evidence and findings for further information.

Creation of measures with the appropriate ratings.

Audit protocol

The audit protocol is the result of all questions posed, including their assessments, audit evidence, findings and measures.

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