WiAudit - Questionnaires

Questionnaires are the basis of every audit.

The structure and the questions of internal question catalogs are created individually.

The evaluation system is completely flexible with respect to the number of questions, evaluation sequence and text description.

Evaluation scheme

The rating scheme can be freely defined for each questionnaire.

There are 2 (minimum) to 10 rating levels possible.

The rating itself is alphanumeric (e.g. 1, A, 1+, A-).

Colors of traffic light can optionally be used.


Define the name and period of a questionnaire.

Set the rating system in terms of number of questions, evaluation order, and textual description.


Definition of the structure of a questionnaire.


Adding questions to individual structures of a question catalog.


The evaluation lists all the audits for which the selected questionnaire has been used.

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